What is Meditation?

I make it a point to be remembered that if your meditation is right,
everything in your life will start falling into better shape.
That is the only criterion.
No need to ask anybody else; you can see yourself.

Everything in your life will become better with your meditation.
When your meditation is at its highest peak,
all your efforts will have a beauty and a grace
and a creativeness that you cannot imagine.
That's why I say,
don't divide spiritual life from the ordinary life.
Don't create any division at all.
Let this life remain one single whole.

So if your consciousness changes,
then everything that srrounds you also changes.
Even though witnessing is difficult in the beginning,
it becomes very easy as you go ahead.

Osho, --The Sword and The Lotus

OSHO Meditation Techniques

Osho has devised dozens of contemporary meditation techniques and given instructions for hundreds of ancient techniques. On the following pages are descriptions of nine of his most powerful and well-known techniques. Each of these techniques has a special music audio tape with an instruction booklet. Dynamic and Kundalini meditations are also available on compact disks. There is a seventeen-minute video on Dynamic Meditation. It is a demonstration on how to do this meditation with Osho's voice-over describing each stage of the meditation.

The audio tapes, compact disks and video can be obtained through the World wide Distribution Centers for the Works of Osho.

Dynamic Meditation

For the modern man I insist on active meditations,
not silent meditation.
Because your energy needs acting out,
it needs catharsis.
You have too much energy with no action for the energy...
let the energy flow.
You melt into existence through action.
And when the energy is gone and you relax,
then be silent.
Find a cool spot in the pond and relax there.
Osho, --When The Shoe Fits

Dynamic Meditation is Osho's basic and most popular meditation method. There are five stages. The first three stages - breathing, catharsis and the Sufi mantra "Hoo" - should be done with utmost totality so that no energy left static in you; then the mind has no more supply of energy to create thoughts, dreams and imaginings. Exhaust the outgoing energy and suddenly you will find you are in. The fourth stage is silent witnessing, then the fifth is celebration and dance.
Dynamic Meditation is done on empty stomach in the early morning.

Kundalini Meditation

Remain in the mood of festivity.
You are not doing something very serious;
you are just playing with your life energy,
playing with your bioenergy,
allow it to move in its own way.
Just like the wind blows and the river flows,
you are flowing and blowing.
Feel it.
And be playful.
Remember this word "playful"always -
with me, it is very basic.

Osho, --The Orange Book

Kundalini Meditation, another popular and potent meditation technique devised by Osho, is usually done in the evening, at sunset.

Allow the shaking,
don't do it. Stand silently,
feel it coming and when your body starts a little trembling,
help it but don't do it.
Enjoy it, feel blissful about it, allow it, receive it, welcome it,
but don't will it.If you force it,
it will become an exercise, a bodily, physical exercise.
Then the shaking will be there but just on the surface,
it will not penetrate you.
You will remain solid, stonelike, rocklike within;
you will remain the manipulator,
the doer and the body will just be following.
The body is not the question - you are the question.
When I say shake I mean your solidity,
your rocklike being should shake to the very foundations
so that it becomes liquid, your body will follow.
Then there is no shaker, only shaking.
Then nobody is doing it,
it is simply happening.
Then the doer is not.

Osho, --The Beloved,vol.2

Nadabrama Meditaion

If you are lost in your singing
you are lost in nadabrama,
you are lost in"the soundless sound."

Osho, --The Beloved,vol.2

Nadabrama is an ancient Tibetan technique for centering. It can be done at any time of the day, alone or with others. Have an empty stomach and remain inactive for at least fifteen minutes afterwards. In the two first stages, if your body wants to move, allow it, but keep the moment slow, soft, and graceful.

Meditation is nothing but coming back home,
just to have a little rest inside.
It is not the chanting of a mantra,
it is not even a prayer;
it is just coming back home and having a little rest.
Not going anywhere is meditation,
just being where you are,
just occupying only that space where you are.

Osho, --Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

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