Osho's Buddhafield Blossoming in Japan
Last Update: May 11th, 2023@@

Meditation activity in Sakshin

This is a notice from Sakshin.
@The center will be fully open, from Dynamic to Night Meditation.
@We are looking forward to your visit.
@Please make a reservation when you participate in the meditation.
@Telephone No. 03-5382-4734 OSHO Sakshin Meditation Center


Meditation Schedule
for October, November and December 2023

œHalf a day Meditation camp
@On 19th (Sunday) November 2:00pm ~ 7:00pm
@Entry fee 3,500 (Includes dinner fee)

@Chakra sound meditation / Grishankhar meditation
@Kundalini meditation / Video Discourse
@Dinner 6:30pm ~

œ3days Meditation Camp (2night 3days)
Eon 27th (Friday) ~ 29th (Sunday) October
Eon 30th (Saturday)December ~ 1st (Monday) January 2024
@ New Year Special Camp

@Entry fee 30,000 (Includes meals and accommodation)
@The Meditation Camp takes place in the countryside of Yamanashi-ken.

celebration dinner

œOSHO Birthday Celebration 2023
@7:00pm ~ 9:30pm on 11nd (Monday) December
@Entry fee 3,500 (Includes cake, Osho calendar and dinner)

œSpecial Meditation
ETaste of No-Mind Meditation
@ 10:30am ~ 12:00pm on 5th (Sunday) November Entry feee 800
@ 10:30am ~ 12:00pm on 2th (Saturday) December Entry feee 800

ETaste of Mistic Rose Meditation
@ 10:30am ~ 12:00pm on 26th (Sunday) November@Entry feee 800
@ 10:30am ~ 12:00pm on 23th (Saturday) December@Entry feee 800

‘Meditation Everyday : Entry feee(each)F800
@@Dynamic Meditation : 7:00am - 8:00am
@@Kundalini Meditation : 5:30pm - 6:30pm
@@Night Meditation : 7:00pm-8:00pm

@@‘Night Meditation :
@@We offer that different meditation everyday in night.
@@iexample:Nadabrhama, Nataraj, Gibellish, Tratac, Chakrasound, Chakrabreathing, etc.j

center meditation1

‘OSHO Evening Meeting Meditation :
@@We are doing Evening Meeting sometimes with a 100inch video projector.
@@Also we are showing Osho's video discourses afterwards.

‘Meditation Camp :
@@We have 3 days meditation camp everymonth at countryside.
@@Anybody can joint this camp, please contact to us.

‘Celebration :
@@We have Celebration of OSHO every year.
@@EOSHO Celebration 19th january
@@EEnlightenment Celebration 21th march
@@EFullmoon Celebration (master's day) fullmoon in july
@@EMahapari nirvana Celebration 8th september
@@EBirthday Celebration 11th December

enlight birthday1

1-7-19 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0042, Japan
TEL&FAX. 03-5382-4734
Email Address is : osho@sakshin.com