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What I am saying is not important at all.
What I am being here is important.
So don't be lost in my words:
they are just toys to play with.
Listen to my being,
to my presence.

Osho, --Discipline of Transcendence

His author are lectures and talked in dialogue its formed question and answer according to circumstances, between him and his pupils.

Thus there are not based on any manuscripts.

In the early years of his activities in India, Osho faced and talking to nearly 50.000 audiences.

After he settled in Poona, pupils gatherd around him and some thousads to ten thousand people from all over the world came to the auditorium calld "Buddha Hall", They got (bound) to listen to his lecture in English, Hindu.

Streamlined lectures were all recorded, typing into manuscript started right after lecture was gaved, published them rapidly.

His books published like this. There are to the amount of 650, including books in Hindu (which) his native language.

Not only books, but also you can hear through video, audio, CD, due to his indication (that) recording his lectures by up to date technology (at that time he lived).

Like these author were translated by his pupils(saniyasins) , available these in 30 languages.

Of course there are much translated in Japanese as well. The list below are author of Osho.





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